By Sherrin.
Collingwood Cheersquad Member


Let’s raise our voices, let’s all unite,
‘Cause we all love the Black and White.
Let’s move the ground and shake the stands,
Let’s chant, cheer and clap our hands.

Shake that pattie, wave that flag,
Don’t just sit there like a dag!
Let it be known and understood,
We are here for Collingwood.

Put all the other squads to the test,
Let’s each endeavour to do our best.
Let’s get behind our beloved team,
Show them just how much they mean.

It’s our job and our position,
To lift our team and make others listen!
We must continue to cheer loud,
To rouse all pies throughout the crowd.

You’re in the squad, that’s your choice,
So what if you happen to lose your voice?
Unlike a loss, it WILL recover,
Use teamwork and stand by each other.

If you don’t want to help produce the roar,
Then ask yourself – what are you here for?
There are plenty who would like your place,
Go back to your telly, or step up your pace.

Don’t look tired and never look weak,
Inspire the team until you can’t speak.
Don’t be distracted or get slack,
It’s time we gave them something back!

Think of what they mean to you,
The years, the games, all we’ve been through.
The passion, the pace, the injuries and action,
All those sweet wins and the satisfaction.

Least we can do is raise our voice,
Let them know – they are our choice.
Wear our colours and wear them proud,
Let’s all unite firm, strong and loud.

Try not to worry about the score,
Just do what we all come here for!
Think you would walk out on a friend,
If they were struggling near the end?

Or would you stick by and help them out?
That’s what supporting Collingwood’s all about!
If we are losing, stay in your seat,
Because our squad will NOT be beat!

Let’s stand together, through thick and thin,
Whether we lose, or whether we win.
The football world, it must be taught,
All teams are nothing without support!

Let our army create a mighty storm,
In our black and white uniform.
Let’s show how much we love our team,
Let’s sound bigger than we already seem!

Don’t sit there stupid – make a sound,
So that it spreads throughout the ground.
We only get what we put in,
Let them know we want to win!

When we’re all truly behind our Pies,
They will bring us the ultimate prize!
Be forever loyal and always true,
Always be one eyed through and through!

So sing, chant and yell to opposition,
So loud they have no choice but listen!
Let them all scorn our mighty Pies,
But they’re ALWAYS winners in our eyes!