By Miss_Lisey_Molloy

“To me Collingwood is more,
Then just a team,
It is an endless love,
That feels like a dream,

I watch them play,
Week after week,
When we win,
I can hardly speak,

I have watched them play,
For 14 years in a row,
Every single game,
Through the high parts and the low,

I sadden at every loss,
I celebrate at every win,
But there’s an evergrowing love,
That just makes me grin,

I love how i get to yell,
And dance and sing,
You need to be apart of Collingwood,
To feel this certain thing,

Every single goal and mark,
Every single touch,
Just makes me realise,
Why I love the pies so much,

We have such great players,
And our supporters are the best,
We cheer so hard every week,
Better then all the rest,

I have made a lot of friends,
Because of this great game,
People that don’t like footy,
Just cant feel the same,

It’s a rush that you get,
When your team is winning by just a bit,
You get so excited,
That you just can’t sit,

People that aren’t Collingwood,
Just don’t understand,
What passion means,
Until they join our band,

When we beat port,
On that day to remember,
We were into the prelims,
On a march to glory in September,

We then went to the MCG,
To play the Adelaide Crows,
We beat them by 28 points,
As everybody knows,

I cried of the happiness,
I laughed because of the thrill,
I hugged my family with an excitement,
That nobody could kill,

I had the chance to witness something,
That I hadn’t remembered or seen,
Collingwood playing their hearts out,
And to see what victory means,

To the horrible Brisbane,
We lost by 9,
I had a sickening feeling,
That wasn’t just mine,

People all around me could feel it,
I could understand why,
Then the sadness overpowered me,
And i began to cry,

I was so upset,
But was not mistaken,
It was no lie,
That my heart was breaking,

My happiness was shattered,
My hopes had been torn,
But not once did I,
Wish I wasn’t born,

I knew that next year,
We’d be in the same position,
We would then go on and win it,
And i wouldn’t feel dispostion,

We would hold our heads up high,
The boys would be full of pride,
A smiling Buckley would be holding the cup,
After a long and fulfilling ride,

Collingwood isn’t just a team,
It is my life,
I could never give up on them,
It would make me full of strife,

I love everything about footy,
And the good old collingwood,
I will never lose my faith in them,
As if I ever could?”

Love always, Alyssa xoxo