My Grand Final 2003

My Grand Final 2003

By Alyssa Wright -29th September, 2003

My Grand Final 2003

“On the day of the grand final,
I was awoken by my best friend,
She ran in my room so excited,
Our premiership drought was about to come to an end,

I looked outside the window,
It was one very rainy day in September,
But I was hoping with all my heart,
The pies would make it one to remember,

Amber had been away in Hamilton Island,
And I had bought us costumes to wear,
2 masks and feather boas,
We just couldn’t wait to get there,

We got to the ground at 11am,
And bought ourselves some food,
We were both so excited,
And in the greatest mood,

We bumped into my cousins,
And we all started kicking the footy around,
I accidentally hurt a lot of people,
Because there was so many on the ground,

And then the game started,
Amber & me made heaps of noise,
We tried to start up chants,
To cheer on our boys,

By quarter time I was amazed,
We were playing shocking,
Brisbane scored so easily,
And there was no blocking,

The second quarter was more devastating,
We weren’t manning up or scoring,
I was so upset to admit,
That watching it was kind of boring,

At half time I was praying,
That Mick would encourage them to play better,
But unfortunately we still played bad,
And it was just getting wetter and wetter,

By the 4th quarter I was so upset,
I knew there was no way we could win,
My face was just so pale and sad,
Instead of my big grin,

10 minutes into the last quarter,
I couldn’t do anything else but cry,
Amber was hugging me,
And I just couldn’t stop saying ‘Why?’,

I sat there in disbelief,
As this fantastic team,
Played their worst game of the season,
It was like a bad dream,

Then finally the siren went,
I was extremely unimpressed,
Their shocking performance,
Had made me so depressed,

I cried for about another half an hour,
And in the car home I didn’t speak,
It was a terrible end,
To an absolutely fantastic week,

I can’t really explain how I felt,
But I know I was feeling shattered,
It was like someone shot me in the head,
And on the wall my hopes and dreams splattered,

I had been waiting for a victory,
For the whole entire year,
I was in high hopes knowing we could win,
And that our song is the one you would hear,

My heart had been torn apart,
My dreams had been ripped to shreds,
I just wanted to scream and shout,
And let all the sadness out of my head,

That day I realised,
Just how much the pies meant to me,
You cannot feel like this,
Its not something you can all see,

Its a love that gradually builds up inside,
Your life is revolved around this one little thing,
All your heart goes towards it,
And all you want to do is sing,

Passion is an amazing thing,
And I certainly have it for the pies,
On the day that I die,
I will watch down on them from the skies,

Collingwood means so much to me,
And I know we will be there again one day,
And if we aren’t for awhile,
My love for them won’t go away,

We should of won the grand final this year,
But it just was not our time,
We need to move on and look towards the future,
Instead of trying to whine,

Losing was just a small obstacle,
We need to get on with our lives,
In this break we can show our love,
For our partners, children, husbands and wives,
Collingwood will always be,
The greatest team ever,
I will always be a supporter,
And will love them forever.

Love always, Alyssa xoxo