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Post Match. Pies done by Eagles. All comments, please.

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Joined: 28 Feb 2011
Location: Sydney

PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 11:43 am
Post subject: Reply with quote

Lazza wrote:
MJ23 wrote:
I reckon weve been up and down all year - the one thing Ive held on to was our Defence and scores against...............thats gone now

A bit pessimistic to base your assertion on just one poor game dude. Lets see how we fight back from this and analyse the results over the next few weeks. We have a fair way to go yet to correct one aberration.

Its not though. As I said "weve been up and down all year". Thats in win / loss as well as within games we have won. There's not one 4 qtr game and Id struggle to find a strong 3 qtr game.

Again the only thing thats been ok is keeping the scores against down.....til now.

"Even when Im old and gray, I wont be able to play but Ill still love the game"
Michael Jordan
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Joined: 09 Jun 2008

PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:40 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Hasnt this depressing thread run its race by now, sure. lock it down, for Chrissakes.
Chess is the touchstone of the intellect-Goethe.

Some people see things and say why, I see things, and say, why not. ! - Robert Kennedy
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Pies4shaw Leo


Joined: 08 Oct 2007

PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:53 am
Post subject: Reply with quote

I thought there might be merit in reviewing the key contests that led to goals to see if anything can be learnt from them. So, here goes.

1st Collingwood goal – Grundy gets the clearance against Natanui. Elliott can’t handle it – but Mayne picks it up cleanly and gives it to Treloar in space. Treloar handballs to Adams, who kicks to space between Phillips and Stevo. Phillips gathers, handballs neatly to Stevo – long kick, marked by WHE.

2nd Collingwood goal – Grundy beats Natanui at the throw-in, Daicos kicks long to Cameron, who gets a free kick for holding and a 50m penalty.

1st West Coast goal – Grundy beats Natanui at the boundary throw-in. Wills is too slow to run onto it (the ball is hit out to a 4 on 1 but, as usual, their 1 beats our 4). Gaff collects it. Stevo tackles him but leaves an arm free. Gaff knocks it to Shuey. Wills trails Shuey, who handballs to Yeo. Yeo doesn’t seem to have an opponent (Mihocek is trying to do the chasing). He scrubs a kick to FF. There is a contest for the mark. The ball spills to Natanui. He goals.

3rd Collingwood goal – Sheed receives a handball from Hurn, unmarked in the centre square (Wills is about 12 to 15 metres behind him) but scrubs his uncontested kick into the centre square. It goes to Noble. He is tackled. It spills loose. Darling picks it up and – displaying all the skill under pressure that made him Toovey’s mug – coughs it up to Adams on a tackle from Scharenberg. Adams kicks to Mayne in space on the wing. Mayne handballs to Thomas, who handballs to Treloar. Treloar tries to spot up Elliott, who is 5m ahead of his man – but manages only to kick it high and open up Elliott to be crunched. Unlike the way we play, their defender takes the opportunity to smash into Elliott, land on his back and belt his head into the turf. Despite that, Elliott kicks a nice goal.

4th Collingwood goal – West Coast get a free at wing/halfback. They kick down the line. The West Coast player who flies more or less uncontested (leading about 5 metres ahead of Scharenberg) spills the attempted mark behind the contest. It falls to Scharenberg who falls forward (anticipating pressure that isn’t there, perhaps) and handballs to Maynard. Mihocek brings the ball to ground. Atu lays a strong tackle (should have been given a free for a throw – but it doesn’t matter because), the ball spills to Mihocek, who handballs to Brown who puts it to Mayne in the clear. He gives it to Wills who kicks as he is tackled. Cameron takes a fine mark and kicks the goal from 50.

2nd West Coast goal. Grundy wins the next centre bounce easily. Wills falls on Adams, who still gets a handball over his head from his position lying on his back. In a move Collingwood displays too often (not criticising Adams, I think it’s our centre square structure), Adams handballs back to Grundy (that is, towards the West Coast goal). Somehow, Grundy is contesting the groundball against the West Coast runners. Grundy can’t take the ball and it falls to Kelly. Kelly gives it to Sheed (6 metres away from Wills in the centre square) who gives it to Allen. Allen runs away from Wills (Allen ambles up to collect the handball and, even though he isn’t quick, Wills can’t even put pressure on him), directly at goal. About 10 seconds later, Kennedy kicks the goal from the contest. Meanwhile, even if Kennedy hadn’t got clear, Ryan anticipated the fall of the ball better than Maynard and was 2 m clear running on his own into the goal square.

3rd West Coast goal. Grundy wins the centre square contest easily against Natanui. Adams kicks the ball off the ground, long to our left forward side of the centre square. The kick is high and to the defender’s advantage, and Brown is outmarked. The ball is kicked to the wing. Daicos catches Yeo holding the ball but is not paid the free. The ball spills to Adams. He handballs well to Elliott, running towards the HFF. Elliott takes a bounce, perhaps because there is no target to kick to and then handballs to WHE, who is under pressure. He kicks around his body towards CHF, aiming for Mihocek. The ball comes to ground from the one-on-one. Somehow, Shuey is 3 metres clear of Stephenson, running into space. He handballs to Kelly who gets around Elliott and kicks on his left, down the line. Quaynor is a step behind his man at the ground contest. The West Coast handball goes to a free player (Wills again, unable to apply pressure). There is now a 3 on 2. The ball reaches Ryan, running into space on the wing. He kicks long to Darling, who is one out on Maynard. Darling gets a free but Allen lumbers onto the ball and kicks the goal off the ground (with Scharenberg trailing behind).

4th West Coast goal. Elliott takes a mark on the wing. He turns it over to Hurn, missing his pass target (Atu). 8 uncontested West Coast marks later, Yeo kicks long to Darling and Moore. The ball falls to an Eagle who handballs out to Campbell (Scharenberg is still caught at the contest, with Campbell 5 metres away, in the clear). Campbell kicks to Kennedy and Roughead, one out. Roughy gives away the free kick.

5th West Coast goal. The umpire bounces the restart past Grundy who (although his arm is being held by Allen) is free-kicked for shepherding. Allen kicks his free long to FF. Kennedy marks the long ball (2 metres ahead of Scharenberg) and goals. Weirdly, the match-ups are Scharenberg on Kennedy and Maynard on Darling.

5th Collingwood goal. Crisp intercept marks on the wing. He kicks to a contest. Brown spoils the marking attempt down to Treloar (that’s where Brown injured his ankle), who passes neatly to Stephenson on the lead. Stephenson kicks long to the goalsquare, where WHE is unmarked. He is given the free and goals.

6th West Coast goal. Collingwood wins the boundary clearance on the wing. Daicos works the ball to Thomas in space. Thomas spills it. The ball finishes up with 4 Eagles at the back of the centre square. Shuey (one of two completely unmarked Eagles players running free alongside each other) receives in space on the wing from Barrass. He has time to think about what he’s doing and run forward towards the centre, with Gaff shepherding Grundy (there is no Collingwood running mid near the two Eagles). Shuey passes towards CHF and runs on to take the handball receive. He passes it onto Kennedy’s chest. Kennedy goals.

7th West Coast goal. Not Josh Thomas’ finest career highlight. Collingwood works the ball into space. Thomas is running free down the wing. He thinks about handballing to Stephenson running free beside him but then decides, instead, to kick what BT refers to in the commentary as a “funny scrubber kick on his non-preferred” straight past Stephenson to two Eagles defenders. Hurn gives out the handball. An Eagle kicks long over Noble’s head to Ryan, who marks uncontested at HF. He takes his time and then kicks long to a contest in the right forward-pocket. It spills to Darling, who is clear of Roughead and able to spot up a kick to Gaff at the top of the goalsquare. Gaff is unmarked. Grundy again is running in his wake.

So, that’s halftime. Collingwood trails by 11 points, with the Eagles kicking 6 of the last 7 goals. My impression watching is that lack of pace in defence, lack of defensive running in the midfield, the absence of any consistently-effective forward target and a couple of appalling skill errors has led to the turnaround. Having regard to how Collingwood has played recently against West Coast and more generally this season, the game is over as a contest at that point.

8th West Coast. Collingwood turns the ball over at half-forward. Kelly and Yeo run free through the centre off the field and the ball goes long to FF. Ryan crumbs (his man, whoever it is, is nowhere near him) but he is off-target. The ball lands with Allen. No-one is on him (although he is playing in the forward-line at this point). I think Scharenberg may have been on him (he certainly stands him after the goal) but I really have no idea from watching the footage.

9th West Cast goal. We get the next centre clearance – but Treloar turns it over badly and Elliott injures himself. In any event, Collingwood intercepts and brings the ball back out to the wing. Daicos kicks badly over Adams’ head from a free kick. Kelly picks out Cripps (who is leading comfortably in front of Scharenberg). Cripps nails a difficult shot from the boundary.

10th West Coast goal. Grundy wins the boundary throw in against Natanui. The ball is palmed straight to Phillips but he can’t gather it and Yeo dispossesses him. It comes out to Ryan, who is just clear enough of Quaynor and Wills to get the handball out to Kelly. He puts it onto Waterman’s chest, in front of Scharenberg. Waterman kicks the goal from 45 m out on a slight angle. The lead is 26 points.

11th West Coast goal. Everything about Collingwood’s dreadful midfield season is encapsulated by what happens next. At the centre bounce, Natanui finally wins a ruck contest against Grundy. He hits the ball out wildly to Treloar in metres of space. Treloar lacks awareness. He turns onto his left and goes to kick. Shuey, having run hard off Elliott from the far defensive midfield side of the ruck contest, takes the ball off Treloar’s boot and passes to FF, where Allen takes another mark and kicks a goal.

12th West Coast goal. At the next bounce, Cameron is in the centre against Natanui. Natanui palms it to Yeo. West Coast don’t get the ball cleanly away this time and Collingwood intercepts. It comes to Phillips and Natanui catches him holding the ball after Quaynor handballed Phillips into trouble. A long kick to FF results in a free to Waterman against Mayne and a goal.

At that point, there is less than 7 minutes to go in the third quarter. The Eagles have kicked 9 of the last ten goals and are more than double Collingwood’s score.

Enough is enough.
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Pies4shaw Leo


Joined: 08 Oct 2007

PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 8:19 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

The Brownlow votes for this game have been announced.

3 Josh J. Kennedy
2 Tim Kelly
1 Oscar Allen
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