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Presidents Function

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Proud Pies Aquarius

Joined: 22 Feb 2003
Location: Knox-ish

PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 10:05 pm
Post subject: Presidents FunctionReply with quote

Stui and I decided it would be up to him to provide feedback.
Jacqui © Proud Pies 2003 and beyond
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stui magpie Gemini

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Joined: 03 May 2005
Location: In flagrante delicto

PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 3:55 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

You mean you delegated it to me. Razz

Overall, a very enjoyable afternoon if it wasn't for the small fact that there was a game of footy on that we lost.

Ah well.

So the luncheon was on in the Olympic Room in the Northern stand, next to the MCC members. Dress code suit and tie, starts at 12 Midday.

So I rocks up in the bag of fruit, basically dressed for work except for the shirt and bumps into Proud Pies, aka Jac waiting outside the room to get in. So we start chatting and my spidey sense starts tingling when Jac informs me that I'll need to write the review as she's planning on drinking today. Uh oh.

So, doors open and in we go to a row of waiters standing there with trays of drinks. Have a beer? What a splendid idea old chap, I think I will.
Jac grabs a champas and the tone is set for the day.

We find our table, strategically placed as far from the main stage as could be without pushing us out the window. Ah well, there's TV screens everywhere and more waiters that I've seen in one spot for ages.

The tables are all set out proper dining style, with the ice bucket full of crownies and a bottle of white wine in the middle, and the entree's already set out. 4 small prawns on a plate with some bits and bobs of garnish. Jac and another lady on our table both grabbed one of the many waiters and asked for a vegetarian option instead of the prawns which was duly found and served.

So the format for the day was full waiter service, 3 course meal, and waiters always hanging round to top up a glass of beer or wine.
At our table was a mix of sponsors. There was a group who all seemed to know each other (I'm shitful with names so don't ask) including a publican from Moe and Jamie Elliot's hair dresser.

Next to me was Nathan Freeman's godfather who runs a paddle steamer up in Echuca and a mate of his.

Main course is served and I grab a waiter to get a glass of Louie the Lip Cab Sav to wash down the lamb and the day was kicking up.

Big Bristling BT got up and did a nice little routine as MC, followed by Eddie who spoke well as always.

Little bit of quiet time then while everyone devoted themselves to polishing off desert which was some kind of fancy chocolate cake with ice cream.

Then BT suddenly jumps back and announces we have some opera singer in the crowd from germany (or somewhere in Europe). This bloke jumps up on stage and starts letting rip with some "Figaro, Figaro" with the volume turned up so far I reckon people in Preston were looking round going WTF. I'm sitting there going WTF thinking this has to be the height of incongruity, an Opera singer at a Collingwood FC lunch. Confused

So then, after doing some piece that Jac and others recognised plus a bit from Phantom of the Opera, (the boy had some pipes) old mate decides to start pulling people out of the crowd to do an impromptu singing lessons.

This had a bit of singing and bit of stand up comedy that reasonably quickly revealed it was a set up as 2 of the 3 were damn good singers, only one was the patsy.

No idea who they were (the bald bloke, old mate answers to "Oi You" as Jac found out later) but they were damn good.

Then the footy started and we went outside. Seats in level 2. The bar remained open the whole game and you could get drinks in plastic to take outside. Choice.

Half time, more tucker. On each table was a tower of mini hamburgers, party pies, sausage rolls and some fresh scones with jam and cream.

Didn't make it back outside for the 3rd quarter, inside was more entertaining. By this stage old mate from Moe, the publican, and the bird beside him had just about drank enough orange juice to wipe out an orchard. He's removing the tie and she's putting it around her forehead like a good 70's style bogan.

As the game was finishing up I was standing up outside in a locked doorway when none other than Ronald Dale Barassi comes up and wants to go through the door. I humbly had to tell him sorry, that way was closed and he headed off to the nearest other door.

Jac by this stage had also decided to depart and as I headed back inside to leave I again ran into RDB himself and this time troubled him for a photo together which he obliged, and then gave me shit about the Collingwood scarf.

Overall, an excellent day except for the actual football of which the less said the better.

Jac feel free to fill in any gaps.

Thanks to Marg for organising things and getting the invites etc off in the post.

Every dead body on Mt Everest was once a highly motivated person, so maybe just calm the **** down.
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Proud Pies Aquarius

Joined: 22 Feb 2003
Location: Knox-ish

PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:50 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

I'll try and post some pics up tomorrow night.

So, seated beside me was Stui, then beside him was Craig (Echuca bloke) and his mate Grant, then 2 girls, then another girl and Shane (Moe publican) and Geraldine and her daughter.

Why do I remember the blokes names? Other than Stui of course. I have 3 brothers with the same names, so it was very easy for me to remember those ones.

Food..... yes, the slow cooked lamb main meal was delicious. I handed Stui the large medallion piece to eat and I had the tiny cutlet. Stui seemed to handle that quite well.

Desert was delicious, some caramel chocolate brownie with ice-cream.

Someone said there was a footy game on, but I'll just have to take their word for it.

More tomorrow, with pics.

and many many thanks to Marg Smile

Jacqui © Proud Pies 2003 and beyond
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luvdids Sagittarius

Joined: 22 Mar 2008
Location: work

PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:36 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Ha ha, great feedback, sounds like, apart from the game, a great day was had. Especially by old mate from Moe Wink
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MargOZ Taurus

Joined: 08 May 2001
Location: Vic, Australia

PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 12:44 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks heaps for the great feedback Smile
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