The Nicksters: Cam

The Chronicles Of Cam: 2004 Bears Out The Door

2004 Bears Out The Door

Latest CD out from K-Tel, following on from last years successful "2003 Don't Touch Me" here is the hot new album, vinyl-only for all you freaks out there. 00s with a tributish flair.

2004 Bears Out The Door

20 burning tracks from today's hottest acts

1. When You Pay Nothing At All - Smorgon & Rose.
2. Wine Me, Dine Me, Diss Me, Fine Me - Browny & The Tiges
3. Cruel Bummers - Dannii Jacobs
4. It's The Same Old Song - The Port Flops
5. (I'm Not Your) Nicholas Stone - Beaumontees
6. Fading Like A Burgoyne - September Signoffs
7. He's Our Custard Pie - Nick Stevens New Club Band
8. Ack Stabbers - Matthews Bear Cave & The Paid Leads
9. Video Killed The Elbow Scar - BBBB Hall
10. Have You Ever Seen Him Train - Travis Johnstone Recital
11. These Are A Few Of My Teammates Things - Julie Angwiny
12. Son Of Ian Collin's Tramp - Hulmerless Cartoon
13. Bright Side Of The Croad - Van Derberg
14. Throw More Grass (On The Other Side) - The Bores (feat M. Lloyd)
15. A Little Shit Me, A Little Shit You - Jade Rawlings & The Kennel Club
16. It's My Forward Line (And I'll Cry If I Want To) - Richo
17. Where Do You Go To My Lancey - Blues Weight Control Team
18. Say Goodbye To Collingwood - Molly Rupe
19. Tummy Tummy Tummy - Balmey's Belt & Trouser
20. These Boots Are Made For Baulking - Diddo