The Nicksters: Cam

The Chronicles Of Cam: Choko Don't Jive - Xmas Album

Choko Don't Jive - Xmas Album

Following on from the last two successful albums; the prophetic "2004 Bears Out The Door" and 2003 "Don't Touch Me" comes the latest hit record just in time for Christmas..... 2005 Chocko Don't Jive

Featuring these sick hits from these sick bands. As Thorpey says "Get it, it's fully sick!"

1. It Started With A Piss - Hot Fraser
2. I Can't Drive 135 - C2
3. Montagno Way - The St Kilda Allniters
4. (I Can't Get No) More Prescriptions - The Trolling Lynches
5. From A Back To A Wing - Ry Van Lonie
6. Brakefast - Byrony P.
7. Ain't No IQ Low Enough - Johnny Barnes
8. I Couldn't Live Without Your Shove - Jack Nicholson
9. The Happiest Pays Of Our Dives - Pink Lloyd
10. Sheedy People - The Shitric Grippies
11. A View To A Pill - Norman Norman
12. Voices Keep Talkin' In My Head - NJ Davis
13. Chocko Don't Jive - Allan Scott & Red Necks
14. What Game Has Scoots Been In & Under - Denia Pain
15. O'Bree Got The Goldmine, I Got The Shaft - Googly Bear & Bad Kicks
16. Footy Isn't Easy (But Shaw Ain't Hard Enough) - GABBA
17. You Took The Food Right Out Of My Mouth - Whitloaf
18. I Believe In My Fly - W. Carey
19. All Jorn Brown - Biffing Trend
20. Bring Me To Your Wife - Stevensessence