The Nicksters: Cam

The Chronicles Of Cam: The Kinnear Light

The Kinnear Light (Sorry George)

I'd love to hear the Dead Kinnears new album, "The Kinnear Light (I've Moved On)". It has the following tracklist:

1. What Were They Thinking
2. Delisted & A Blue
3. 5 Cougars Thanks
4. Been Here Longer Than Eddie
5. Get Your Kicks Nowhere Near The Sticks
6. Gelibrandy (You're A Fine Ground)
7. Christy Don't You Lose My Number
8. 50 Ways To Leave The Magpies
9. I Got The Ass (But I Never Was A Horse)
10. It's A Long Way To The Front (When You're Job Diary's Due)
11. Mick Plays Favorites
12. Kinnearian Crapsody
13. Why Do Fools Still Get Signed
14. How Do You Mend A Horrible Start
15. Bulldogs Calling
16. Benny (867-5309)
17. Call Me (Theme From Kinnearican Gigolo)
19. Benny Kinnear Theme (Fastest Milkman In The West)
20. Ben Dover And Dopey Scared
21. Am I Ever Gonna See The Player's Race Again
22. The Kinnear Light (I've Moved On)
23. WTF Are Trams
24. Don't Cry For Me Benezuela
25. Send On The Clowns
26. Dirty Leads Done No Leap
27. Willi & Out The Door Boys
28. If You Love Somebody (Set Them Free)