The Nicksters: Cam

The Chronicles Of Cam: 2003 Don't Touch Me

2003 Don't Touch Me

Hot off the K-Tel presses is our new hip and happening LP - "2003 Don't Touch Me" with a mix of Australian and overseas rock and roll talent it is sure to make the 'So Fresh' lot look a lit-tle stale. As Molly would say 'Get it!'

20 Simmering Tracks

1. The Devil Went Down To Carlton - Ian 'Phil' Collins
2. Another Brick In The Mall - Wayne C & Misfits
3. Drugs and Sex and Rock N Roll - The Saints
4. All My Friends Are Getting Traded - James 'Thinning' Hird
5. Living Next Door To Acker - Blake & The Aggits
6. Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Burgoynes - Willie Playon-Ball
7. You Lied To Us All Year Long - NC/DC
8. It's Still Fish & Chips For Me - Ricky's Motto
9. I've Got The Bullsh!t in Me - 'Whispering' Jack Elliot
10. Gonna Make You Swear (Everybody Prance Now) - Cornes & Cornes Music Factory
11. On The Croad Again - The Free Mantle
12. Hammy (One More Time) - Richmy Fears
13. Mustang Kelli - The Little Man
14. Mick Can't Run Anymore - Pagan's Nightmare
15. Sometimes When It's Touched - Chris Tarrant & Sam Cranage
16. Choke Go To Water - September Power
17. The Pies Are Back In Town - Eddie & The Croozers
18. Knock Three Heads - Scottie Burns
19. Million Dollar Rip - Interstate Clubcaps
20. Mull of Fitzroy - Travis Johnstone & The Scoobs