The Nicksters: Miss_Lisey_Molloy

lil running Molloy
By Miss_Lisey_Molloy

"A lil running Molloy is bulldozing through each boy,
Until the ball is kicked and theres some marks,
straight through from 50 a goal from Tarks,
In the centre there's a tap from Mckee,
it is going towards the 50 straight to nicky,
He kicks it towards goal and there is lil Leon,
with a kick around his body it says 17 goals to collingwood in lights that are neon,
Then its going the other way,
we need someone zesty then from out of nowhere comes Presti,
He kicks is to johnson who runs like a quokka,
Then its a mark from the one we call Rocca,
He boots the ball and it goes straight through,
back to the centre again to start something new,
A tap from McKee straight to O'Bree,
then a lil kick to Ryan Lonie,
He kicks it far and it lands near Rupey,
He soccers it to Bucks who is not loopy,
A quick handball to Burnsy is just what we needed,
A margin of 177 is what we had exceeded,
Brodie Holland is on the ground, And Tazza is wide open,
A excellent kick from Clement is what we are hoping,
It landed near Clokey who runs with speed,
kicks it to Didak who's on the lead,
A mark 45 metres out and all we need is more people to score,
We need to beat Essendon to open a new door,
All the players played well and we won by miles,
Essendon had lost and they were shattered like broken tiles,
But I don't care coz I was all smiles,
We had won for a little whiles,
So im sorry for the players who I had missed,
I didn't do it for you guys to feel dissed,
This is just me writing about a great game,
That didn't happen but I don't feel shame,
Coz i am demented and Alyssa is my name!"