James Manson

Magpie Legends: James “Charlie” Manson

This is part of the series on Former Tasmanian Collingwood Players – written by The Prototype

The Prototype’s Corner

Former Tasmanian Collingwood Players – James “Charlie” Manson

James Manson born 2/11/1966 and stood at 194 centimeters, and weighted 104 kilograms originally from North Hobart, Tasmania. James Manson first started his career with the Magpies in 1985, and ended his time with the club in 1992. In that time period Manson kicked 106 goals, and played a total of 120 games with the famous Black and white. Manson comes from a football family in Tasmania, his father played as did his father, though James didn’t play with the same club as his father, who was also a ruckman with the Glenorchy Football Club.

In 1993 James Manson joined the now defunct Fitzroy Football Club where he played 47 games, and kicked 20 goals, his career at Fitzroy lasted 2 years, in 1995 Manson left the club, and retired from AFL football, during his career he played 167 games and kicked a total of 126 goals.

Grand Final Success

In 1990, James Manson was a part of Collingwood’s first premiership in 32 years, in the first quarter Manson took a good sliding mark, and was put on a difficult angle. While Manson was lining up for goal most of the Collingwood fans at the ground would’ve closed their eyes, when he dropped the ball onto his favored right boot, and his unique kicking style, the ball sailed through for a behind. Towards the end of the game, Manson found himself on the bench, just before the game was to end Manson and the other players on the bench at the time celebrated their biggest win of their careers.

State Of Origin Tasmania/Victoria

In 1990 James Manson was selected to play in the Tasmanian state of origin side, James Mason teamed up with Collingwood team mates Graham Wright, and Doug Barwick. and lined up against fellow Collingwood players Shane Kerrison and Damian Monkourst who were plating for the Victorians. Tasmania went on to win the game, making it the first time Tasmania had beaten Victoria in a long time.

Did You Know?

James Manson’s brother Les Manson was an umpire in the former Tasmanian Football League. James Manson’s father Jimmy Manson played with the Glenorchy District Football Club.