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Nick’s in the Examiner 15/8/01

Mike Wilson, of Lilydale, and his son Nick, 16, will be guests of Collingwood president Eddie McGuire at Saturday’s blockbuster against ladder-leader Essendon. (Continue reading..)

The Footy Almanac – 2012 – A Home of Passion

Here’s a corker story. About passion.
About football, kids, farming, the internet and Eddie.
When my footy season ended with a busted leg and a loss in the Second Semi, I landed a job clearing the gullies of a cattle farm under the mountain I live on. (Continue reading….)

20 years: Nick’s Collingwood Page

Tasmania: A part of the world in which Collingwood has never played for premiership points.
Australia’s island state has given the club wingmen such as John Greening, Paul Williams and Graham Wright. It produced James Manson. It sent forth Doug Barwick. And it was the original home of Craig Davis. Tasmania also gave Collingwood Nick’s Collingwood Page.
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A salute to the online outer  (2016)

Long before social media changed the way we follow and consume sport, there was another form of online communication that altered the way football fans follow their club.
And that platform of communication lives on today, and is arguably healthier than ever.
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