The Man From Magpie River II

The Man From Magpie River II


There was a whisper in the in the clubrooms
There was something great in store
For as the Pies limbered up for the day
They knew there’d come a roar

Mick had rallied his charges
“get hard, play tough, play with all your heart”
The big one this time was ours
You could sense it from the start

The banner was raised high and wide
to a god-almighty cheer
‘The pies will win the flag, it’s ours
We’ll take no prisoners this year’

The opposition was different to last
they were black’n white’n teal
The pies were going to show them
which magpie team was real

The crowd was nervous and worried
They’d been caught up in this trap
only 70 odd thousand there
thanks to the big old “Ponsford Gap”

The Pies went in hard and were unlucky
from the very first bounce
the umpires must be power men
But heart, not free kicks count

The other team piled on 4
while the pies could only watch
Mick said, Bring on Burnsy
we need to lift this game a notch

The pies clawed back to trail by 3
at end of the first stand
the road back to pinch the lead
was like running in wet sand

The ball was bounced for quarter 2
The “G” bathed in great sunshine
Josh faser hit it out
to the skipper, who was sublime

Bux handballed on to Licca
who was tackeld in a nest
He stood up bravely and got it out
‘the king of hard ball gets’

Dutchy was on the end of it
He ran and found some space
He booted it forward to TAZ
Who beat his opponent with pace

He walked back and settled
His dreadlocks a thing of the past
He put the ball through the 2 big sticks
The pies within 2 at last

The centre bounce was up again
The ball was hit by them
but a great hard grab saw it come
to the mighty magpie men

Monty gave it out to Bux
Who busted through a pack
He then unloaded with a 70 meter bomb
which saw the pies attack

Attack it was, for it sailed through
“Post high”, said commetti
“If the pies keep playing like this
Buy some black’n white confetti”

The pies were hot, they had cut it back
to be only one goal the diff
The mighty Collingwood of old
was getting that magpie sniff

Twenty minutes in to the quarter
There was no addition to the score
When Clokey took a screamer
The likes of none before

He was 50 out, a fair way for the lad
The son of a footballing great
He walked back and looked to the goals
And hoped he would kick straight

He breathed in hard and looked stealy-eyed
As he hunched over the ball
He kicked the living life out of it
To hear a deafening roar

A GOAL.. to the pies, Oh yes
We had finally drawn level
We had started to get back in the game
And the way was something special

On the radio 3AW
Old Rex Hunt could be heard
Screaming his lungs out till they burst
THE PIES.. Was the Word!

Half time came with a struggle
when the other side kicked 2
But Burnsy snuck under their guard
Before the siren blew

He kicked a magnifcent goal
After the siren sounded
But the tribunal was on standby
Because poor old Burnsy was Grounded

The players all went in hard
As a massive brawl occurred
The umpires could not control it
It was beyond the odd heated word

The teams were finally broken up
To head for the half time break
Some of the boys were battle-scarred
Including Willo, Johnson and Wakes

The half time address from Mick
Appealed for a much greater effort
“For if we don’t go in twice as hard
We may as well forget it!”

The players all ralleid together
How close had they been the year before?
This time they knew they could turn it around
And win both the battle and the war

The third quarter finally erupted
And it was like Yanks attacking Iraq
But this was more than a desert storm
We had to send them packing to football park

The battle lines had been drawn
The pies slammed on four
The lights had turned on the players minds
They had found a way to score

The crowd was amazed,Port were stunned
As the pies rammed home another two
Six goals to zip for the quarter
We were never going to lose!

The Harder pies went in for the kill
When Lokan grabbed the ball
He ran down the members wing at pace
And goaled to an almighty roar

The siren blew for 3 quarter time
Port were totally shot
“One more quarter to finish them Pies,
You have to give it all you’ve got”

The Pies now led by 35
And went on to finish the game in style
They booted a record 10 in the last
To win by a country mile

The siren blew and the Pies had won
In the most convincing style of all
They had played hard and played tough
And ended up winning the ball

Nathan Buckley got his wish
To hold the Cup aloft
The tears this year were tears of joy
Scenes to make the most hardened feel soft

The were scenes of Joy around the ground
As the fans shared their jubilation
There were magpie fans cheering across the globe And across the whole big nation!