Report – stoliboy


Friday 12th August 2005, Lexus Centre

Report By stoliboy

What a top night!

It was a Nicks celebrity fest! Proud Pies, Magpie Meg, bucks4ever, Cam, London Dave (who looked nothing like I thought.. picture Barry McKensie in London), Magpie 1983, Mike (father of Nick) & Nick himself!!! (+ Nicks extended family which included aunties, uncles, etc), DaVe86, i_luv_licca, BRoDieZ^BaBY, Tess, magpiefanatic, stik35 (who blew .237 on the alcolizer at the end of the night… top effort!), Madness, joffa corfe (including his daughter and grand kids), stoliboy (me of course), and many more… some who I only know by their real names i.e. Steve and Trevor who also came down from Sydney Perhaps you could post an attendance list Proud Pies.

The night was excellent. Everyone was really friendly and had a good time…, some of those who have had some good online stouches in the past got on very well… look out for the photos of London Dave and Magpie 1983

There was a display on the wall which showed the evolution of the Nicks site… from the beginning when Nicks was simply a 1-page link page, through to different historical moments e.g. the bulletin board being set up, when Joffa first posted about wanting the gold jacket eddie was earing, photos from the Nicks vs LSD footy match. Very well done and I am sorry if I am wrong but was this put together by bucks4ever? Please correct me if I am wrong.

There were also speeches on the night centered around the theme of what Nicks means to them… Proud Pies was the MC. Speakers included DaVe86 (young in body but wise beyond his years), Cam (gave us all the Cam finger then delivered his speech in an American Preacher accent e.g. “and Mike said let there be trolls… and there were trolls”), London Dave (made it an international event), stoliboy (spoke about what life was like growing up in Sydney before Nicks and the internet and how it had helped foster the SCSC), Mike (who spoke about how he set up Nicks from Tasmania when the internet was still quite new and it was difficult yo find an ISP… did it because Nick wanted a site to easily link himself to his favourite magpie/afl sites… but also about how it is ‘NickS’ now and the work of the mods… more than one person), and Nick himself (proud that something he created has grown so much).

We then had the draw for the lucky door prizes… Tess won first prize (a Collingwood guernsey), a young boy from Nicks family (a Collingwood football), Paulie (a Collingwood hat), then other prizes such a Collingwood radio and a Bucks Forever DVD… all donated by Collingwood.

A truely awesome night… well done to Proud Pies, Magpie Meg, and Bucks4ever for all their hard work in organising the event…. and to Mike and Eddie for getting the Lexus Centre as the venue. I am sorry if I missed anyone as it is usually hard enough trying to remember people’s names as it is. let alone a name and a handle

I am in an internet cafe trying to upload my photos but there is no software to shrink the size Will try again somewhere else.

Top effort!!!