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Very special thanks to Bree Hitchens from Collingwood for grabbing Nick today and getting him to fill this in. Thanks Again Bree, and thanks Nick for taking the time to do this for us.

From Greg J

Did you have the nickname “Maxwell House” at school?


* What about “number 86″ or “Maxwell Smart”?

Nick -

* Was the choice of your first number, 43, deliberate (it being half of 86)?

Nick – No to all the questions. Just nicknamed Maxy at school and 43 was just a fluke.


Ask him why he punches himself in the hip or arse…is it a habit or nervous thingy?

Nick - Get tight hips & glutes due to osteitis pubis so it helps them.

What position does he see himself playing the future?

Nick -HB/Wing

* His best game so far….?

Nick -Sydney on Nick Davis

* Why does he think he is the most sponsored player at the club?

Nick -I’m Cheap! Ha ha

* Of other youngsters, who do you think has shown the most in this year?

Nick -Rusling, great speed and hands!

* Where did he play his junior footy? How good was he back then?

Nick - St Josephs in Geelong. Was good up to U15 then had to lean years. Got better as an 18 year old.

* When he was rookie listed, did he think he had a real chance of breaking into the team?

Nick -No. Not until I got there.

* Who did he barrack for as a kid?

I can answer that one now BLOODY HAWTHORN. but he and his family appear to have changed allegiance

In that case, ask him what he thinks of Hawthorn now…lol. )

Nick -Hawthorn!

* Are there any players that he models his game on? Present/Past?

Nick -James Clement

* Who has been his hardest opponent to date?

Nick -Taz in a intra club match


Could you please sign the jumper of yours that the club sold me and please verify it is your jumper seeing the club didnt give me a bloody certificate of authenticity as they said they were going to?

Nick -send the jumpers into the Club at the start of next season and we will arrange for the jumper to be put in our monthly signing sessions.


Great start to the year but he tapered off the second half.

* Therefore ask…Are you happy with your season or not? Then ask, what has playing next to Clement, Wakelin and Presti done for your career?

Nick -Second half of the year I was forced to play forward which I didn’t really have any experience in. I would rather play in the back line. I enjoy playing with Jimmy and Wakes & Presti.

* I’m just wondering how he rates his season 2005, where he feels he can improve, where he feels he has improved and if he expected more from his year or he has exceed expectations.

Nick -I improved from 2004. I am focusing on a good pre season. My goal is to get super fit and stronger so I can play on the wing or tang tall onballers if need.

Who’s been the biggest influence on your footy career and how you’ve gotten to where you are now?

Nick -Parents never let me give up my dream of playing AFL & gave me high work ethic. Work ethic and determination got me where I am today.

David from Canberra
How did you feel when you were skipped in the draft but picked up in the rookie draft… did you feel disappointed or heaps excited, even realising that most rookies never make the grade.

Nick -Well I missed the 2001 draft, rockie, pre season and the 2003 draft & pre season so I was just stoked to get an opportunity.

Ask him whether or not he thinks that having a season at North Ballarat helped him in the long term. Does he miss anything about the cold of Ballarat or the night life of B/rat?

Nick -Definitely helped. Played against men so forced to improve and develop. Yes I miss the night life for sure!

Biggest turning point in his career?

-First game – I proved I was up to it

* Does he visit Nicks/what does he think of it/our posters?

Nick -Yes and enjoy reading up on comments

* His toughest opponant to date.

Nick -Taz in intra club match

* His thoughts on a clash jumper.

-Keep ours as it is. We are the best club so the others can change!

* The team-mate that inspires him most.

Nick -Burns, Clement, Wakes and Licca!

* Does he follow the cricket? If so, what are his thoughts on Australia’s dismal batting?

Nick -Why can’t Andrew Symonds get a baggy green?

Whats his thoughts on older women?

Nick – No comment!

Seeing your a Ballarat boy, and its heritage round,
D’u think Ballarat should become part of the Bendigo Football League?

Nick -I think they should stay in VFL. A lot of pride comes with being part of a stand alone club.

3rd degree
What has been his most satisifying win so far would knocking off the Cats be up there? Especially after his goal?

-Defiantly cats!

* Was it good harrassing Dixon in the dawks game?

Nick -We both enjoy it

* Are all the Dawks Players covered in fake tan?

Nick -Yes! Especially Hodgie!

* Does it go all over your hands when you tackle them?’

Nick -No comment!

leon is #1
Who’s his favourite mate at Collingwood

Nick -Can’t pick one, get on really well with everyone.

whats he getting Jimmy Bartel for Xmas?

Nick -A Collingwood Jumper!


I know he’s a blink (blink-182) fan, so can you ask him about them for me please.

-Yes I do enjoy them. Bigger fan of Xavier Rudd, Jack Johnson and Matchbox 20

How many games can he see himself playing in the next 5-10 years?

Nick -all of them!

* Does he like playing forward sometimes?

Nick -Good to pinch hit but prefer the backline

* Is he James Clement’s love child (hehe, you don’t have to ask that one)?
Nick -No Comment!

alan didak is sexy
If the pies were to enter the big brother compound who would get voted off first and who would win?

Nick -Bucks out first and Fraser to win!

favourites 2003
Whats it like boarding with Mr Sean Rusling?

Nick -Sean and Harry live in my house. Trying to set them straight but they are good kids! Ha ha

freddie foxx

My question ”How much of a difference is their between your 1/2/3 preseasons.

Nick -You improve every pre-season 3rd and 4th you really improve more.

What are his interests outside of footy?

Nick -Catching up with mates outside of the club