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Nick’s page started in 1995. It was a single page that he used mainly to keep his footy links. It was just stored on our home computer for his own use. I had a computer support business at that time and had been developing some small web sites for clients and could see the potential in the web… READ MORE



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Nick’s is a community run website, owned and operated by the fans for the fans, We are firmly committed to bringing the Collingwood fans from all over the world closer together, and Closer to Our Club, The Collingwood Football Club. As We are a Community based Website we would like to offer the members an invitation to join the Nick’s Collingwood Page Team and Contribute to the ever increasing content of the website.
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The Players: Visit the Players Page to find tributes, articles, opinions, interviews, stats and anything to do with those that have pulled on the Black and White Jumper. The Players - Click Here

The Club: Pages on the History of the Collingwood Football Club, All time stats, Player Jumper Numbers – Click Here

Results: Round by round Results of every game 1997 – 2005*, Results database that holds all of Collingwood’s home and away games since 1897, Results by decade – Click Here

The Nicksters: a section of the website dedicated to the Nick’s Community, Poetry, Stories, Classic threads on the BB -Click Here

Victoria Park: Tribute page to our Spiritual home, Victoria Park, home to Collingwood FC for over 100 years - In our hearts forever – Click Here

Chat: The Virtual outer – Click Here

Nick’s Website Forum: Get involved with Nick’s Collingwood Page, we welcome all Nicksters contributions and feedback, if you have anything to add to the site or would like to offer some feedback, feel free to post in the Nick’s Collingwood Page’s Forum, or you can e-mail it in. Nick’s Collingwood Page Forum – Click Here


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