Results Database

Since 1997 Nick’s Collingwood Page has been keeping its own database of Collingwood results, The database holds all of Collingwood’s home and away games since 1897 and it is planned to eventually include finals and night premiership games. Results since 1897 are stored in a searchable database and you can customise your search queries to suit your needs, try the Result Search page out Here


Round by round Results of every game 1997 – 2005

Since 1997 Nick’s Collingwood Page has also been keeping our own round by round results with accompanying premiership ladder for each round, every game from 1997 to 2005, You can surf the Results in the below links.


Results by Decades




If you are looking for Club records and/or some history on our great Club visit Nick’s Collingwood Page’s Club Information page, the Club Information page stores all the results and records. you can visit it Here